Pre-looped weft microlinks Body Wave Hair Extension
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Pre-looped weft microlinks Body Wave Hair Extension
Pre-looped weft microlinks Body Wave Hair Extension

Pre-looped weft microlinks Body Wave Hair Extension


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Our pre-looped weft hair extensions are an improved and more convenient version of traditional beaded hair curtains. They are designed to make the installation process simpler and more efficient for our customers. In addition to their easy installation, pre-looped weft hair extensions also offer a more natural look and feel compared to their traditional counterparts.

With the pre-made loops, the weft hair extensions are less likely to cause any damage to the natural hair when installed properly. This feature ensures that our customers can achieve their desired look without compromising the health of their natural hair.

-Hair Texture : Body Wave

-Hair Color : Natural Color (Black)

-Reusable Healthy , Thick , High quality

-7 pcs per set:  10"x1, 8"x2, 6"x3, 5"x1

-Weighs:16"-20“ about 100g    22"-24” about 120g

-Microlink Weft can be used to add Length & Volume to your natural hair.If your head is large or if you have very short hair, you might need two sets for a full head.


Customer Reviews

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Cheryl Chambers

Eayonhair is the sweetest and best company I've ever worked with. They will definitely help you if you need assistance with an order. Also, the hair is fabulous! I've used Great Lengths for years, and while it is quality it is far thinner than this hair, and outrageous with cost. THIS HAIR IS ALL YOU NEED! It is much thicker than name brands. It does shed more only when brushed, but with the amount of hair on each tip, and with the excellent price, you can't go wrong. Thank you to see company for providing their products and service!

Nosipho Mphogo

I absolutely love this hair! I always go with the black 22's. To keep the ends for drying out, give the hair a quick trim once in and use Aragon oil once in the morning and once before bed. The oil will keep your hair looking nice and will stop from drying and tangling. I have gotten so many compliments and people don't realize I have extensions in.

Abosede Olujobi

The hair is real human hair. I got a few of these piece together and I opened them and some didn't feel like human so I put all of them through the burn test and compared them to how my own hair burn and a synthetic wig burn. This proved to burn exactly like how my own hair burn with no foul smell or anything.

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