Double Drown Bundles Burmese Curly Hair
Double Drown Bundles Burmese Curly Hair
Double Drown Bundles Burmese Curly Hair
Double Drown Bundles Burmese Curly Hair
Double Drown Bundles Burmese Curly Hair

Double Drown Bundles Burmese Curly Hair


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Burmese hair is a cross between Chinese hair and Indian hair, resulting in a unique texture that is healthy, resilient, and takes heat well compared to other hair extensions. Its natural texture is similar to fine human hair, making it suitable for various styling options.

-Hair Texture:  Curly

-Hair Color: Natural Color

-Last For One More Year 

-Healthy, Thick, High quality

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Sheena G

    The hair curled wonderfully. It’s soft and true to length. And once washed it return beck to the curly texture it was at first. Love this hair


    This hair was simply amazing 👏 I went to Barbados and stayed in salt water, and the hair was absolutely beautiful with not one problem at all. I have colored it 3 times with no problem whatsoever. I get very minimal shedding, if any at all, and that's 💯the truth. This will be my 4th time I 1 year ordering from eayon hair . Their selection is pretty good, but they don't advertise enough for others to know about this hair. They don't give you a complete description of the type of hair meaning brazillian or malaysian hair, but they respond accurately with any questions.
    Personally, whatever the type is, I'm staying with it. I have been waiting for the black Friday deals, and they haven't been the best out there, but I have had such great

    results that the few dollars more I don't care. Quality is a must.

    Wow, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it. We will definitely do better. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you for your purchase again and feedback

    Nakeisha T Jones

    This hair soooo beautiful and super soft I love it and will definitely be ordering again... they need to send me their tape ins to try 😀 I have told all my clients about this hair and the company!!

    Azaria Gathers

    This was my first time using extensions. I watched a couple videos on Pinterest and when the extensions came, they were surprisingly easy. They are relatively thickness but I have thin hair. One set was perfect for me.


    This product is too beautiful, which unfortunately my natural hair is not. It looks just like the picture, very smooth and sleek, if you have soft smooth hair, but just need some length, you won't be disappointed. Also, this seller is excellent, very prompt and understanding, I highly recommend!

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