Bulk Human Hair For Braiding Body Wave
bulk wet and wavy human hair for micro braiding
human hair bulk for braids
Bulk Human Hair For Braiding Body Wave

Bulk Human Hair For Braiding Body Wave


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Looking to embrace a hairstyle that's both versatile and effortlessly natural? Consider the wonders of body wave human bulk hair for crochet braids. This option presents an exquisite and genuine appearance, setting it apart from synthetic alternatives, while granting you the freedom to experiment with various styles.

The beauty lies not only in the aesthetics but also in the simplicity of the installation process. You can effortlessly accomplish it in the comfort of your own home, bypassing the need for a costly visit to a hair salon. And let's not forget about the practicality it offers—this hair can be reused for multiple installations, leading to a sustainable and economically wise choice.

Embrace the world of crochet braids with human bulk hair, and unlock a mesmerizing, enduring hairstyle that will captivate all, leaving you brimming with confidence and unparalleled elegance.

Large Knotless Heart-Shaped Braid

Large Knotless Heart-Shaped Braid

By jadeandjala

Tribal Fulani bohemian braids

Tribal Fulani bohemian braids


Half feed in cornrows half boho braids

Half feed in cornrows half boho braids


The notion of making a bold impression at formal gatherings finds its muse in the elegant embrace of a large heart-shaped knotless braid. This meticulously woven coiffure stands as a testament to the artistry of hair styling, embodying both sophistication and innovation.

Whether the event is a gala soirée, a wedding reception, or a high-profile corporate affair, the large heart-shaped knotless braid adds a touch of graceful exuberance to one's appearance.



Customer Reviews

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emelyne nonone

Purchased for a Birthday Present and the Install came out Great

Michelle Hernandez

Silky soft love texture can't wait to install

Harrietta Hickman

This hair is soft, silky. It does not get tangled. It is hermoro. I lo ve it.


I really like this hair its really nice and soft.

Petiesha Reid

The bundles were very full, thick all the way down to the ends as well. Not many strings and no loud smell to them either... Can't wait to install!!!

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