Common mistakes to avoid during tape in hair extension installation

If you are thinking about getting Eayonhair tape in hair extensions but not sure where to start? There are some common mistakes that people could make when installing tape in hair extensions, there can lead to uneven, loose, or poorly blended extensions, making you look anything but fabulous. That's why Eayonhair to share some common mistakes to avoid during tape-in hair extension installation, so you can avoid these pitfalls and get the flawless, natural-looking hair you've been dreaming of.

1. Not preparing properly: Before installing your tape in extensions, it's important to make sure that your hair is clean and oil-free. This can be accomplished by washing and conditioning your hair thoroughly, and also applying a bonding agent or texture spray to help the tape adhere better. By not prepping your hair properly, you run the risk of the tape not sticking as well as it should, leading to loose or uneven extensions.

2. Struggling with placement: If you're not careful during the placement of your tape-in hair extensions, you can end up with extension tape showing through or a poor overall look. It's important to take your time and place your extensions evenly and strategically throughout your hair. You should also make sure that you're aligning your extensions with the direction of your natural hair growth which will blend in seamlessly with your natural hair.

3. Skipping after-care: After your tape-in hair extensions are installed, it's important to take care of them properly. You should avoid spraying water or hair oil on the tape until the tape is bonded well with your natural hair, or the tape can split off easily.

4. Not protecting the extensions: Tape in hair extensions can be fragile, so it's important to protect them from daily wear and tear. Including washing, conditioning, and styling them, as well as avoiding excessive heat, chemical treatments. And you should avoid rough brushing hair, as this can lead to damage and shedding.

5. Not getting professional help: Installating tape-in hair extensions can be a daunting task, especially if you don't have much experience with them. If you're not confident in your ability to install them on your own, there is no shame in visiting a professional stylist for help. They can help ensure that your extensions are applied properly, as well as offer advice on maintenance and care.

By avoiding to these common mistakes, you can ensure that your tape in hair extensions are properly installed and cared for, leading to a natural and seamless look that lasts for months.

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