Eayonhair Review

Eayonhair is a brand offering high-quality lace front wigs and hair extensions at an affordable price. With a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, customers are able to achieve their desired hairstyle without the commitment of a permanent solution.
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The hair curled wonderfully. It’s soft and true to length. And once washed it return beck to the curly texture it was at first. Love this hair

Salt and Pepper clip ins

I absolutely loved the clip ins. They matched my hair perfectly, so much so I ordered 2 more sets. I received my orders in about 6 days. Completely satisfied with my order and price.

AMAZING HAIR.. Natural and flat because it's seamless. A Must buy!

This hair was simply amazing 👏 I went to Barbados and stayed in salt water, and the hair was absolutely beautiful with not one problem at all. I have colored it 3 times with no problem whatsoever. I get very minimal shedding, if any at all, and that's 💯the truth. This will be my 4th time I 1 year ordering from eayon hair . Their selection is pretty good, but they don't advertise enough for others to know about this hair. They don't give you a complete description of the type of hair meaning brazillian or malaysian hair, but they respond accurately with any questions.
Personally, whatever the type is, I'm staying with it. I have been waiting for the black Friday deals, and they haven't been the best out there, but I have had such great

results that the few dollars more I don't care. Quality is a must.

Wow, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it. We will definitely do better. If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you for your purchase again and feedback

The texture is perfect, I've been wearing it for a while now and it is so good! Very minimal shedding. Received many compliments! It's so easy to maintain, just treat it the same way you'd treat your hair. Amazing quality for an affordable price. Will definitely purchase again.

My daughter bought these to use for her wedding and she has used them several times since. The color blended perfectly with her hair and they are easy to install and curl and fix. Great price too!

The name says it all C these extensions truly blend seamlessly with my natural hair. The color match is perfect, and they integrate flawlessly for a polished finish.

The range of available lengths allows me to experiment with different styles and looks.

I love that the hair is pre-treated to prevent frizz. It stays sleek and polished.

LOVED this hair! Will definitely be ordering more ASAP

The hair doesn't weigh down my braids, allowing them to stay light and comfortable.

This hair is amazing. It can be flat ironed and curled. Blends perfect for those who are natural and will occasionally press your hair. I will continue to buy. the clips are nice and strong. They do not slip. I can sleep in this. Too shy for a pic sorry. But take my word I look good..lol. I get so many compliments. Everyone thinks its mine. I got 10 inch. Recommend getting two packs so youll have room to add. I used one two extra pieces. I never write reviews but I had to say something abt this

This is my first time trying this hair and I love it. I will definitely be buying this hair again. I love the fact that the seller sent me a email asking about it. I also loved the fact that it came on it.

The hair is amazing. No shedding, no tangles, and curls perfect.

Omg Im in love with this crochet the price is good, the hair is wonderful. I didnt expect it to look that good cuz its a short length and I always wear long hair. its the best choice I could make omg Im in love , buy it yall

The hair is so soft that it doesn't cause any discomfort or itching on my scalp.

Very pretty wig and the quality is just top. The item well delivered and packed. The wig is not heavy. There is no risk that a tap will undo because the tip seems to be sticking well. There is possibility of making baby hair. It neat and lightweight. same as advertise. Will use my foundation for the net to make the partings stand out a bit more. I will buy again. I highly recommend!!

These seamless clip-in hair extensions are the epitome of classic elegance. The quality is outstanding, and they seamlessly blend with my natural hair, creating a stunning and natural look.

I really love this hair they blended Perfectly with my natural hair. I got a lot of compliments and they last for 5 weeks for after the first install

The natural luster of the hair is stunning. It catches the light in all the right ways.

They came on time ALL of the locs was there I got them permanently installed and I love them

I have been wearing tape ins for a year and I tried these to save time for my hairdresser as I asked her to darken my root. These two packs were just enough for extra length. Smell great, super soft and luxurious.

This is some really good hair, but this person I got to do my hair, the braids are slipping out in the back and some in the front. When I revived the hair it wasnt smelling, it did come true for it being 24 inches. The curls dont tangle, and they could last you a good 8 weeks!

I love how versatile this bulk hair is! It holds curls beautifully and straightens like a dream. Perfect for creating a variety of stunning hairstyles.

What I appreciate most about these tap-in extensions is their versatility. From sleek and straight to bouncy curls, I can achieve any hairstyle I desire. The quality is top-notch, and they withstand styling tools without losing their shine.