How Long do Eayonhair Tape In Hair Extensions Last?

      eayonhair tape in hair extensions

Eayon hair is known for offering high-quality tape in hair extensions that are long-lasting and easy to care for. But how long can you expect your extensions to last? Read on to find out!

Our Experts Weigh In

We've all heard of horror stories about extensions that fall out after just a few weeks, but that's not what you can expect with Eayonhair. Our experts say that with proper care and maintenance, your extensions can last for up to six months or even longer.

Tips for Maintenance

So here's the million-dollar question: What can you do to make sure your extensions last as long as possible? We suggest you follow these tips to keep your extensions fresh and fabulous for months to come!

  • Use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo: Avoid harsh shampoos that can strip your extensions of their natural oils and cause them to dry out. Instead, opt for a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo that won't damage your extensions or your hair.

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  • Avoid heat styling: Heat styling can cause damage to both your natural hair and your extensions. To extend the life of your extensions, avoid using heat styling tools like a hair dryer or curling iron.
  • Sleep with a silk pillowcase: A silk pillowcase can help keep your extensions from tangling and frizzing while you sleep. This can also protect your hair from damage.
  • Treat your extensions like natural hair: Just because they're not a part of your natural hair, don't treat your extensions any differently. Treat them with care and respect, and they'll last for months to come!

eayonhair tape in hair extensions

In Conclusion

In conclusion, with proper care and maintenance, Eayonhair tape in hair extensions can last for up to six months or even longer. By following these tips and treating your extensions with respect, you can enjoy the benefits of longer, fuller hair for months on end.

Have Any Questions?

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